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Urgent Emergency Dental Care

Urgent Dental Care in SE Calgary

What is Emergency Dentistry?

At Forest Lane Dental Clinic, we know that if you are in pain the worst thing you can do is wait! That is why we have emergency dental care appointments available today!

Our dental team knows that quick treatment of your dental emergency can improve the odds of saving damaged teeth. Even if you are not experiencing a lot of pain, issues such as chips or fractures can affect the living tissue inside your tooth which may end up requiring tooth extractions at a future time.

We Welcome Walk-ins! Come on in!

We know that getting treated for an injury is critical as it greatly improves the odds of saving potentially damaged teeth. That is why Forest Lane Dental Clinic welcomes all patients and non-patients experiencing an emergency.

So if you are experiencing an emergency, call us or simply walk-in and we will get you seen by our dental team. That way we can prevent the damage from getting worse.

What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

  • Painful Tooth or Toothache
  • Sensitive Teeth or Gums
  • Chipped, Broken or Loose Tooth
  • Knocked out Tooth
  • Any Bleeding, Inflammation of Gums or Swelling
  • Any Trauma or Injury
  • Abscess of Gums or Infection
  • Abscessed Tooth
  • Lost Filling
  • Broken Orthodontics
  • If you are experiencing an Emergency Call Us Immediately!

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