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We Offer Direct Insurance Billing!

Welcoming Reception Area | Forest Lane Dental Clinic | Family & General Dentists | SE Calgary

Forest Lane Dental is committed to providing our patients with personalized, high-quality dental services at affordable prices, and we follow the most up to date Alberta Dental Fee Guide for all our dental services. We understand that paying for dental treatment, dental insurance and finances can be confusing and stressful, especially if the costs are high. You should consider yourself fortunate if you have insurance benefits to help with the cost of your dental care. Please know that our goal is to assist you in navigating your coverage so that you obtain the maximum benefits possible.

Forest Lane Dental is here to assist you in understanding your insurance plan so you can best utilize your coverage. To guarantee accuracy when dealing with your insurance company, please remember to bring your most up-to-date insurance information with you to your appointment. Dental insurance is a complex subject. While it is not possible for us to know every detail, limit or exclusion involved in all the plans we deal with, we endeavor to assist you in understanding and navigating coverage details the very best we can.

Our office prides itself on providing a very high standard of dental care at a very fair price. Please know that dental insurance is intended to cover some, but not all, of the costs of your dental care. Not all dental plans are the same, and not all treatments are eligible or fully reimbursable. Additionally, some insurance companies can at times make it difficult for the dental provider to retrieve any extended information. It is therefore important to remember that it is ultimately your responsibility to understand what your individual plan allows.

Please note that the treatment we recommend will always be based on your dental needs, regardless of the nature and extent of your dental plan coverage.

We are pleased to offer Direct Billing (also called “Assignment of Benefits”). Our administrative team is happy to electronically submit your insurance papers directly to your insurance company on your behalf, and accept their payment directly to our office. You only pay the difference your company will not cover. Unfortunately, there are a few insurance companies that will not allow payment to come to the office, therefore payment in full for services is required.

Please note that despite our efforts, due to the Canadian Personal Privacy Act, we have limited access to any specific information from your dental insurance company regarding your plan. It is your responsibility to know the parameters of your dental coverage plan and to provide our office with accurate and current insurance information.

Reception Area | Forest Lane Dental Clinic | Family & General Dentists | SE Calgary


Reception Area | Forest Lane Dental Clinic | Family & General Dentists | SE Calgary

We accept most major insurance providers. Please call Forest Lane Dental at (403) 248-2280 if you have any inquiries regarding our insurance partners.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! Call Forest Lane Dental at (403) 248-2280 to set up your appointment today!

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